The festival entrance band is worn on the wrist and is non-transferable. An opened or damaged festival entrance band is not valid and cannot be replaced.


The security checks at the entrance are carried out with increased care, which takes more time. It is therefore worth arriving early and really only taking what you need with you. Body checks will be carried out when entering the concert and party area. For security reasons, the rules for bringing bags and backpacks into the festival area have been adapted. Security checks will also take place at the entrance to the after-show parties.


All bags, suitcases and backpacks larger than A4 may not be taken into the concert/party area! Smaller containers such as belly and belt bags or small backpacks (no larger than A4) with personal items, such as mobile phone, wallet etc. are permitted.


Access to the Festival (as at: 06.09.2021)

Due to legal requirements, access is only possible for concert visitors aged 16 and over with a Covid certificate recognised in Switzerland. No Covid certificate is required for visitors under the age of 16.

The well-known basic rules apply: If you don't feel comfortable, stay home; no handshakes; regular hygiene; keep your distance if possible.

You can feel safe: The capacity of the venue is deliberately not exhausted so that you have enough freedom of movement.

Masks are compulsory in front of the ticket office or entrance control. You will not need your mask inside the festival area.
You have to bring your identity card and your smartphone (print: copy of valid certificate).

You can only enter the festival area with a valid ticket. If you want to come to the "OPEN ROCK & METAL DAY 2021" on Thursday - you must have registered on the festival website. You have to show your identity card at the entrance.