COVID at UrRock Music Festival 2021

The association UrRock Musik Festival will try everything to make sure that we can hold the event with the Corona-Virus. We will not give COVID a box seat - but we will not be able to uninvite it either. If events with up to 1000 visitors become possible in Switzerland again, then there is a good chance for the event.

With this in mind, we will do everything in our power to hold the UrRock Music Festival in 2021.

The measures and ordinances of the federal government also apply to our festival. There are regular discussions between the UrRock team and responsible persons from the municipality and the canton. Due to the size of the festival, we see a realistic chance that we will be able to hold the event as planned. Should we have to cancel the event, the tickets sold will remain valid and we will postpone the event until 2022 (subject to possible adjustments to the line-up).

The dates for the UrRock Music Festival 2022 are already fixed: 10-13 November 2022.

As an indoor festival, we can imagine holding it with appropriate protective measures (vaccinations, tests, etc.). The requirements are set by the federal government, the canton and the municipality of Sarnen. Due to possible regulations regarding the number of festival visitors per day, the number of tickets on sale is currently still limited. The released seats can be booked now via