"Sarnä rockt 2021"

Festival Area

Our new location gives us many new opportunities. We currently have club concerts in our programme. The UrRock Music Festival can now play on three stages. The new "Stages" are spread around the village centre. We will also equip two bars with RockDJs. You can party the night away!

But what we don't want is that bands perform at the same time. So we have decided to offer additional concerts in two clubs after the main show in the Aula Cher. The concerts are free for festival visitors with a valid ticket.

The main stage (1) will be set up in the concert hall of the "Aula Cher". In the UrRock Hotel, the Hotel Krone in Sarnen, you will find the club stage "Freiheit" (3). The Muffis Nachrestaurant brings the third UrRock stage (2) into the programme.

The "Formula Bub" (4) and the "Mex Bar" (5) in Sarnen will celebrate the nights with you with a cool RockJD!