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Rock/Hard Rock/ Metal
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Kyiv, Ukraine-based rockers NOAPOLOGY blend the most potent elements of female-fronted hard rock and melodic metal with their own virtuosity and fire to create music that has already attracted millions of fans worldwide. 

The band was started as a YouTube cover act called Sershen & Zaritskaya in 2014. They were wildly successful and saw their hard rock cover videos gain over 200 million views. After the ongoing war had broken out in 2022, the group moved into doing original music and quickly found a sound and vision that had the power to speak to modern times. A debut single, “Ashes,” dropped in October of 2022 and rang up over a million views on YouTube, alone. 

The lineup is a four-way hurricane made up of Daria Zaritskaya on vocals, Sergey Sershen on guitar, Alex Shturmak on bass, and Dmitry Kim on drums that’s capable of creating rock music that exists on the highest level. Think soaring vocals, epic guitars, and a burning passion to make things right again. Daria Zaritskaya is a world-class rock singer equal to or better than anyone who has ever stepped up to the microphone. The combination of her undeniable talent and the three top-value musicians behind her makes NOAPOLOGY an absolute world-beater. Even so, the band members still do this for the right reasons. “Making music is the only thing that really matters for us. We just can't not play,” says guitarist Sershen. 

Another single was released on April 1st, 2023 and  NOAPOLOGY has leveled up yet again. This is modern rock tough enough to move any crowd in any stadium any time. Play it loud and rock your own world.