UrRock Festival 2022

10.-12. November 2022

Master Gus G. at UrRock 2021

The former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist visits Switzerland with his band - FIREWIND

As surely most UrRockers know, playing the guitar has always been a high priority in the line up of the UrRock Music Festival.

Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil) belongs together with Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde or Jake E. Lee to the great guitar virtuosos of our scene. On 12.11.2021 Gus and his band FIREWIND will be on the UrRock stage in Sarnen.

Rarely has one seen such a passionate and talented guitarist, who combines technique and feeling with an ease that one likes to speak of a guitar hero.

The first time Patrick and I heard Gus play at a gig in Wacken, we were very impressed. Afterwards we met briefly and talked to Gus about a possible gig at the UrRock Music Festival. His nice and friendly nature appealed to us very much. Although he had never seen us before, he took our conversation very seriously and considered a commitment for 2019. Unfortunately, it hadn't quite fit at that time. All the more we are happy that Gus will present his new album "Firewind" at the UrRock Music Festival next year.

The new singer Herbie Langhans will also be introduced there. Herbie (Avantasia among others) ennobles the new songs with his charismatic voice and gives them an impressive expressiveness.

Personally I find the new album strong. What the Swedish sound engineer Tobias Lindell (Europe, Avatar, H.E.A.T.) has mixed here in the Lindell Audio Studios is world class!

Your booking agent Stephan

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